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What Does #EWorHW Mean?

It is a tag, short hand for we can do this   "THE EASY WAY or the  HARD WAY"

Common phrase, you hear it often in the military. Sometimes it refers to understanding the better technique, "the easy way".
More often the phrase is a bit more menacing, it means the subject is going to do it, the ONLY question is which way is it going to be done.
Thus, when we talk about Making America Great Again (#MAGA), the Easy Way or Hard Way (#EWorHW).

General "Mad Dog" Mattis

Let the man speak for himself.

A few of my personal favorites, which should inform our operations as well.

2. “The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.”
3. “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

We are at WAR

It is simply acknowledging the existing"state of armed conflict between ... groups within a nation".

We productives, veterans, traditionalists from all walks of life have been relentless attacked for years. Because it has been a low-intensity conflict, most of us were more occupied with just living our lives, and the various skirmishes we shrugged off because we had more important things for our time and attention.

At various point in the last two years, millions of us woke up, which our enemies will forever regret.

Different triggers; hateful pejorative labels, flippant slanders, attempted shaming, all aimed at making us kneel, bow down to our enemies. For people who follow a God, or veterans who are trained to bear up under duress and refuse to be be broken, that was a tactical blunder of epic proportions. You pissed us off and got our attention.

Shock Therapy - the wisdom of Conan

Feeling suddenly afraid because Trump was elected?

Is life triggering you?

Uncontrollable tears and hysteria?

Do you feel like your world is collapsing?

Does #MAGA and #DrainTheSwamp make your mind reel?

Take comfort in the fact that the strong, determined men millennia ago observed a mindset that struck fear and dread in women and weak men. This is not a new concept, hopefully that historical tidbit will help.

As is often (falsely) said, don't worry, you are just going to feel some slight pressure. LOLZ

You have to watch Arnold deliver it here

Mongol General "This is good, but what is best in life?"

Conan "Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women."

See, it is really simple, you have been lied to, you have been deceived, and now the light will shine into the darkness.

Lean Mean Agressive Solutions Team

Or, in the DOD vernacular, LMAST. You have to love that Navy training.

I read this description, and it sounds like a well organized, fast moving Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Team that hits the ground and swarms the objective, each focused on their tasking.

Mr. Trump’s transition team, like his campaign operation, has had a much smaller staff than previous Republican nominees, and hasn’t produced the voluminous policy proposals and potential legislation demanded by other candidates, including Mitt Romney four years ago. Instead, their work product is mostly two-page and 20-page memos on specific items: What does President-elect Trump need to know about the Treasury Department? What is the purpose of the National Economic Council? What issues take priority on the first day, the first 100 days, and the first 200 days. Another benefit of operating in a 24/7/365 tactical environment is you learn brevity, focus, responsiveness. The folks you are working for want clarity, pithiness, ac…

The Easy Way, or the Hard Way

What the establishment completely fails to grasp is that REAL change is coming. Regime Change. The Elite and their control is ending.

What only some are beginning to understand is that Americans want the system to work, they want peaceful change, so that Wed morning they can go back to their lives.

If the Establishment, circumstances refuse to accept change peaceably, then things will get begin to Get Real. No way to know when, what, will trigger the descent into chaos, but the fuse will have been lit. I would rather live the balance of life and watch my grandchildren growing to adulthood without turmoil, but the odds go WAY DOWN if we promote an un-charged felon to CIC.

Let tomorrow come, may God be merciful.

Last Bastion

I was sitting in a Rockies business meeting yesterday [Craft Brewery - awesome beer, low end industrial, just past seedy], and politics came up tangentially.

After a bit of banter, my counterpart paused and reflected for a moment, then referenced my part of the world, and said, "You are the last bastion, if it gets really bad, it will come to you last."

I told him that if it got bad, he was welcome to show up with his family. He is a veteran, a fellow member of my rather constrained alumnus, and a Marine. 2 out of 3, and all of that. Turns out he has family in these parts, and as he said, "They are so well armed they have a small armory, they are well-entrenched, and they have supplies that will last over a year."

Considering this exchange, and remembering my last trip through the Occupied Zone, there is no doubt that trouble will come here last, because I live among a quiet, determined, hard-working, armed, "You aren't from around here, are you?" peo…


Sometimes, the company that you keep catches up with you.

It is amazing to me that Anthony Weiner hasn't met an untimely, but well deserved end.

In an amazing act of "Look what we found!", the FBI has discover "thousands" of emails pertaining to HRC.

I don't know that it will have a significant impact on things, but for all of my fellow veterans who handled classified information and know the level of control required for every item, the irony of finding a trove of potentially classified information while investigating a pedo boggles the imagination.

It just validates that the company you keep eventually catches up with you.


You have to find your own momentum. Some days easy, some days soul-grinding, but you want to represent? You want to find your internal momentum? most times you have to find your own.

This morning, this is where it starts Begin with the End

My world is defined by what I move toward, what I'm going to accomplish next.

I''m amazed by what I see when I choose to look FORWARD. That is the path, that is the future.

"beyond the niceties..." It's Get Real Time

According to one of the sages of the National Review, the unwashed masses are clueless.

Buchanan writes that the “the populist-nationalist right” is “moving beyond the niceties of liberal democracy.”Around the world, there are many, many places that lack the “niceties of liberal democracy.” You don’t want to live there. You would quickly discover that the niceties are more like necessities — a rule of law necessary to live a good, decent, and free life.
I read this, and I try to be gracious. Maybe the author doesn't ever stop in one of the truck stops that span the US, or he has never gone into a feed store, or even the local mini-mart with bait and hunting licenses.

I have far more in common (politically, attire, bearing, outlook) with the truckers, ranchers, tradesmen, hunters, farmers that the white table linen crowd. In my world you nod to other men when you cross paths, you allow others to hold to their own beliefs, and you know better to snipe at another man unless you are wi…

Passive-Aggressive Gets Men Dead

Other people say this with far more nicely formed phrases, but the cold reality is that if you are so deeply conflicted, or so over-estimate your intelligence, or in your limited insight fail to understand how committed others are, your mal-execution of state-craft is going to kill men. Vox expounds on the typical leftist tool who can't recognize what is right in front of his face.

Unintentionally, and with the best of intentions, he has opened the doors to the demons of Hell, and the darkest forces in the human spirit have much greater scope and much more power today than they did when he took the oath of office back in 2009.Unintentionally? With the best of intentions? Is Mead talking about Obama or himself? Remember, as Mead excoriates Obama's foreign policy, that he not only voted for Obama, but voted to re-elect him. But it's not as if Obama's foreign policy was any better from 2008 to 2012 than it has been from 2012 to 2016.

Vox is valid in his perspective, but m…


Reading this Nobel Laureate platitudes, I can't help but think, Just Say No!

I was young and foolish once, but no longer. We should stop bleeding and dying to fight the wars of folks who lack the capacity to hold what we take for them.

More over, let them take their own GD dirt. As for me, I'm done.

I no longer believe in Nation Building. People who molest goats and boys can live or die on their own. Not my concern, not my blood, no the blood of my children's generation. No more.

Call me selfish, call me wise, I care not a Silver Sh!t.

Unlike some of my classmates who have already matriculated to eternity, I have faced the Reaper, and it wasn't my time. We need to stop the insanity.

Bleeding, dying for people who molest livestock when there aren't enough young boys to be had is insane.

I'm coarse and direct because the generation that is down-range deserves better. They see this insane sh!t every day.

I believe in the old-school approach. Post a simple sign, &q…

A Better Way .... Kill People and Break Things

Based on the well documented collapse of the US University system, one of the better (less bad) options is the "Trade School" approach. I say better, because if you end up with a globalist, police-the-world CIC, you run the risk they will get you or your classmates, or your men dead.

Yes, I said Men. Like it or not, when it is time to do dangerous things, overwhelmingly, it will be the men who will bleed, be maimed, marred, or dead.

Like others, before and after me, I choose to go to a Service Academy. We held up our hands, swore an oath, and gave years of our life doing sometimes dangerous things. Along the way, I got an engineering degree, and a big dose of life. We joked that it was trade school, because our "Trade" was going to far off lands and "Killing People and Breaking Things". That was before the elitists turned the military into  AWWW (Aid Workers With Weapons).

As my own grandchildren grow, I'm not sure I recommend that path to them, I'…

Why most Veterans don't give a Sh!t about the Middle-East

We veterans continue to become a smaller minority, but I have yet to find one that feels there is a decent, much less compelling reason to send anyone else to bleed or die in the Middle-East.

Cernovich pegs it, the globalists want to pick a fight.

Call it cold-hearted, selfish, or just the wisdom of having followed orders, done what could be done to bring everyone back, and the abiding sense of the incompetence of our leaders. Don't ask us to start a fight if you aren't going to allow us to finish it, and don't ask us to take ground if we aren't going to occupy and keep it.

The thought of picking a fight with Russia over dirt that means nothing to us is idiocy in the extreme. Just like we don't care about Trump's behavior or indiscretions, we don't care about other peoples' dirt. Most of bought into the "Greater Good" at some level when we were young and foolish, but no more.

I can't say what those who are in will do, but I'll guarantee…

The American Party

Just saw that suggested over at Vox and I like it. Either as a new name for a dying entity, or a whole new amalgamation.

This dovetails nicely with what Mike Cernovich is saying - the Revolution is just starting

The Cucks are wholly unprepared for what is coming - Black Flag Warfare. Hopefully not literal violence, but the concept of fierce, total, NO QUARTER engagement.

When pirates appropriated the black flag, it was already accepted to be a signal for No Quarter Taken or Granted.

That is what is coming in the world political. No more "pinkies out" niceties, but conclusive, absolute confrontation. A public aroused will not be happy until there is lasting change.

It may very well end in a fractured North America, and perhaps that is best, but there will be lasting changes.

Let the Rats Leave, but Mark Them Each One

Having heard for years that This election is the Most Importantest Eva! the hypocrisy of Republicans bailing on Trump is hilarious. I say let them all flee, but mark them, and never let them near you again.

If it were just the simple choice of who has enough sense to keep us out of a war in Syria, probably with Russia, I don't give a tinker's damn who say bad words. As the younger generation says, ZFG.

I'm not a Republican, so their self-destruction is their problem, but if Trump wins, as I expect he will, he will either clean house by 2018 with the help of the folks who elected him, or the Republicans will practically cease to exist.

Trump could be walking zombie, and he would be elected over Hillary. The outrage, the hatred, the growing anger about a system that has failed generations has found a vessel for that vitriol. They don't care if he howls at the moon or dresses up like a furry. ZFG.

So, The Trump should be quietly making a list of every individual who got t…

Great News from the Alt-Tech World

Not to steal other folks hard-earned glory, but great things are coming.

More details will follow soon, but there are millions, billions of humans who want to live free. The tools are coming to make that happen.