Reading this Nobel Laureate platitudes, I can't help but think, Just Say No!

I was young and foolish once, but no longer. We should stop bleeding and dying to fight the wars of folks who lack the capacity to hold what we take for them.

More over, let them take their own GD dirt. As for me, I'm done.

I no longer believe in Nation Building. People who molest goats and boys can live or die on their own. Not my concern, not my blood, no the blood of my children's generation. No more.

Call me selfish, call me wise, I care not a Silver Sh!t.

Unlike some of my classmates who have already matriculated to eternity, I have faced the Reaper, and it wasn't my time. We need to stop the insanity.

Bleeding, dying for people who molest livestock when there aren't enough young boys to be had is insane.

I'm coarse and direct because the generation that is down-range deserves better. They see this insane sh!t every day.

I believe in the old-school approach. Post a simple sign, "We killed the goat molesters that came before you, and in the dark of night we will come back and kill who ever raises his hand against the USA. Hear me now, believe me when we put two rounds between your damned eyes."

As a Grandparent, I have officially reached my ZFG threshold. I've already outlived what others expected, my parents lived, short as it was.

Winter is coming, and whatever remains of what was the USA needs to tend to their own, the rest of the globe can fight their own fights. Preferably not, but humans prefer killing to getting along.


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