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Veterans on the Ground in Bengahzi

Don't know any of the men on the ground, but I've talked to several veterans over the last few days, and I have had my fill of blatering BS from talking heads.

If you are surrounded, heavily outnumbered, and know there probably isn't a QRF or relief force going to reach you before the scum over-run the position, we concur that we would seriously consider calling whatever is the current equivalent of "Broken Arrow", and invite my brothers in arms to drop everything they have on our location and kill as many of the enemy as they can.

I'd also rather a funeral pyre than to have my remains drug through the streets by a mob of backwards goat-rapists.

Knowing that there was a Predator overhead, we had the tools in place for precise targeting. Would any of us really made the call that would have ended our lives? None of know for sure, but we owe it to folks we send downrange to make that call if the situation gets that grim.

The satisfaction with calling to "Bu…