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The Small Town Theater Experience

Hot date last night for Lovely Bride and I - we went to see IronMan3  - $3 cash per person, and a humble single theater with decent seats and a passable sound system.

The real culture shock was coming out to a quiet street with no traffic and other viewers walking away with a low hum of conversations as folks went their way.

What was missing was a cacophony of cars, shouts, screams, music, traffic and mind-numbing noise. It was so startling that walking across the street, I was scanning for threats in this unfamiliar environment.

Once I adjusted, it was an enjoyable experience that we will have to repeat.

.... and we're back.

Cancer, relatives, in-laws, out-laws; life happens.

That said, we have completed our long anticipated repositioning, and are digging in.

New surroundings, new life, new possibilities. Making these changes after the half-century mark is not the norm, but it feels good to us.

Heading out this AM. SITREP as events warrant.