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Why Veterans Don't Trust Politicians( of any party)

Without even addressing personal character or trust, no veteran who has ever been responsible for classified data is going to hold in high esteem someone who decides they can run a private email server while functioning at the highest level of government.

If we were in long enough, we all saw inquests, investigations, security inspections where individuals are treated as guilty until otherwise notified.

Which of us would ever rationally think that we could run completely outside the system, delete records purely on our personal preference, and expect no consequences?? Anyone?

So, when you read things like below, it leaves you wondering just how incompetent or sociopathic a person could be.

Clinton said she exclusively used her private e-mail account out of “convenience,” so as not to have to carry two phones. But she conceded that it “might have been smarter” to use a separate government account to conduct her State Department business.

Jobs for Terrorists?

There are certain things that will provoke anyone to write, and this is one of them.

When you read this, I should caution that is a real quote from a real Team Obama representative, and not something from the Onion or other satirical content.

"We're killing a lot of them, and we're going to keep killing more of them. ... But we cannot win this war by killing them," department spokeswoman Marie Harf said on MSNBC's "Hardball." "We need ... to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs, whether --" 
 That's correct readers, give them jobs, and the beheadings will cease!

Could YOU say that with a straight face?

Life is Short

I heard last night that a classmate's wife had passed with very little warning; cancer with not tie to how she lived.

This has set for weeks, because I have been unsure what to say.

I have come to the conclusion tonight, that it is best to recognize them, toast their lives, and keep the essential lesson in the fore-front.

Life is Short.

Spawn rate going down

It appears that married women are having more children, while unmarried women are having less.

The article argues that the correlation is with economic conditions, Dalrock provides well-reasoned case for the poison of feminism is showing up in the stats of marriage rates.

It occurs to me that another cogent argument can be made of a mostly sub-conscious response to the coming civilizational chaos.

"The Final Solution" meets the "Gender Pay Gap"

Dalrock provides a delicious satire of how to deal with the mythical "Gender Pay Gap".

We need a national strategy. Now that we know that marriage is the problem, how do we solve it?  Unfortunately we won’t be able to ever entirely eradicate marriage.  However, even where we can’t entirely prevent weddings we can sufficiently weaken the institution to achieve something very close to gender equality.  To do this, we will need a coordinated effort across all of our legal, social, and religious institutions.

Of Marriage and Men

This is a subject I think on regularly, and will engage in 2015.

In the red-pill world, marriage is generally panned and discarded as a failed institution. For the 18-35 crowd, I understand the mindset, and see the rationale for the guideline.

Regardless of age, there are groups of men that are looking for a different perspective.