Spawn rate going down

It appears that married women are having more children, while unmarried women are having less.

The article argues that the correlation is with economic conditions, Dalrock provides well-reasoned case for the poison of feminism is showing up in the stats of marriage rates.

It occurs to me that another cogent argument can be made of a mostly sub-conscious response to the coming civilizational chaos.

For most folks, the economy hasn't gotten better, and the fraying of the social contract is increasingly on display.

What if the real issue is that in the coming chaos and disorder, unmarried women realize (again, internal systems, not their conscious) that having random spawn with uncommitted males will be a disadvantage in a survival game. The corollary being that married women, who have that drive for children, know that their future is more conducive to the care and protection of themselves and their offspring with a married male who is far more likely to maintain a stake in that care.

I realize that is a more dark reading of the data, but it does bear further examination.


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