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"Last Clip"

When you train firearms squad tactics, you learn to call reloads, and you learn to keep track of how many rounds you have in the clip. The first time I was shooting a live-fire exercise and burned too much ammo, I came down to my last clip - and called "Last Clip". It left a knot in my stomach. It makes everyone on your team more aware, perhaps on edge.

I know the saying;"Make it count!" True enough, but there is a finality to the circumstance. You're done, or you are done. Either way, as Chris Gardner says, "The cavalry is not coming."

In that moment, you have to be OK with whatever comes next.

Hammer5 and I have called, "Last Clip". It is stressful, I don't like it, but this is where we dig deep, trust our training, and advance. Never give up.

I'm going to dig deep and then - I am bringing the Hammer.


Priorities are what you do, not what you say.

If your priorities are jacked-up, that is fix-able, we all have moments when we loose track of the objectives. The real PROBLEM is when folks have jacked-up priorities and are proud of their supposedly squared-away life. Pride kills; people, relationships, opportunities.

In the interest of clarity, let me just lay it out, and I'll come back later and spell out why this is the way that it is:

#1 God Almighty [If you Don't Believe, then whatever is #1 You?]
#2 Spouse - if you have one
#3 Kids- if you have them
#4 Work/Service/Passion - everything in Life that you juggle

For followers of Christ, we need to clear up a couple of things; the most egregious is when people think 'ministry' goes under #1 - which means it comes before spouse and family - I call BullSh*t. It belongs in category #4. The second part of that 'ministry' doesn't mean what most people think it does, but that is a separate discussion.

The confusi…

The Kiwis Honor Their Own

BlackFive posts this, along with the link to the AllBlacks doing one of their Hakas. It has been a while, so I went back and looked up Hakas, and their background and history.

Grim and Beautiful.