Priorities are what you do, not what you say.

If your priorities are jacked-up, that is fix-able, we all have moments when we loose track of the objectives. The real PROBLEM is when folks have jacked-up priorities and are proud of their supposedly squared-away life. Pride kills; people, relationships, opportunities.

In the interest of clarity, let me just lay it out, and I'll come back later and spell out why this is the way that it is:

#1 God Almighty [If you Don't Believe, then whatever is #1 You?]
#2 Spouse - if you have one
#3 Kids- if you have them
#4 Work/Service/Passion - everything in Life that you juggle

For followers of Christ, we need to clear up a couple of things; the most egregious is when people think 'ministry' goes under #1 - which means it comes before spouse and family - I call BullSh*t. It belongs in category #4. The second part of that 'ministry' doesn't mean what most people think it does, but that is a separate discussion.

The confusion around priorities for a follower of Christ has lead to more destruction and disruption than any thing else in my personal experience; Adultery and Pornography can't hold a candle to it.


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