My Best Friend

For me, it is the wife, Hammer5 (aka H5).

No it is not Jesus - He is my Lord, my Savior, not my buddy.

There was a time when I was in that there were a few guys I was close to, but once you get out, have your own families, you just don't see that much of each other. That is just life.

H5 was reading some of the comments over @ MMSL, and was cracking about how boyfriends and girlfriends have an opinion. That is kind of like a REMF having an opinion on how close the CAS was landing during a firefight. If you haven't been there, just stay quiet so you don't embarrass yourself.

For his part Vox added some specifics of what you can count on a best friend to do.

A classic for me that I have discussed with my daughters was - "Do you trust that person to reload for you and cover your 6 in a firefight?" If not, they are not marriage material. That means that you can trust them explicitly because:::> they are trustworthy (love that word), tough, level-headed, and will die before they quit.


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