What Does #EWorHW Mean?

It is a tag, short hand for we can do this 

Common phrase, you hear it often in the military. Sometimes it refers to understanding the better technique, "the easy way".

More often the phrase is a bit more menacing, it means the subject is going to do it, the ONLY question is which way is it going to be done.

Thus, when we talk about Making America Great Again (#MAGA), the Easy Way or Hard Way (#EWorHW).

It is an acknowledgement that we will either peaceably, firmly detoxify the civilization into one where folks can live their life without interference by others or the governments, or we will do it the hard way.

The #Ctrl-Left is going to leap to this being a threat of violence, because they want a excuse to point & shriek. If there is violence it will be their interpenetrate hordes and wildings who will start it. They demonstrably have the self-control of spoiled three year olds, and regularly choose criminal acts.

The Hard Way also recognizes that this is a generational war. We earnestly promise with tears in our eyes [Mad Dog], we won't forget, we won't forgive, we won't stop, we won't ceasefire, we won't accept your cries for peace, we won't accept surrender, we will ultimately completely prevail, we will rebuild our nation from what ever remains. Our enemy will either accept that rebuilt nation, or they will be elsewhere.

That isn't hate, that isn't bravado, that is the grim determination that our enemy would offer no quarter, no compromise, thus the enemy set the terms of battle are #BlackFlag. SO BE IT.


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