Last Bastion

I was sitting in a Rockies business meeting yesterday [Craft Brewery - awesome beer, low end industrial, just past seedy], and politics came up tangentially.

After a bit of banter, my counterpart paused and reflected for a moment, then referenced my part of the world, and said, "You are the last bastion, if it gets really bad, it will come to you last."

I told him that if it got bad, he was welcome to show up with his family. He is a veteran, a fellow member of my rather constrained alumnus, and a Marine. 2 out of 3, and all of that. Turns out he has family in these parts, and as he said, "They are so well armed they have a small armory, they are well-entrenched, and they have supplies that will last over a year."

Considering this exchange, and remembering my last trip through the Occupied Zone, there is no doubt that trouble will come here last, because I live among a quiet, determined, hard-working, armed, "You aren't from around here, are you?" people.

Winter is Coming, and it cannot be reasoned with, lectured, threatened, arrested, or contained.

The fact that one of the presidential contenders is probably a felon and possibly a pedophile is a symptom of the death of empire. The worst hasn't even begun to appear.


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