Lean Mean Agressive Solutions Team

Or, in the DOD vernacular, LMAST. You have to love that Navy training.

I read this description, and it sounds like a well organized, fast moving Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Team that hits the ground and swarms the objective, each focused on their tasking.

Mr. Trump’s transition team, like his campaign operation, has had a much smaller staff than previous Republican nominees, and hasn’t produced the voluminous policy proposals and potential legislation demanded by other candidates, including Mitt Romney four years ago.
Instead, their work product is mostly two-page and 20-page memos on specific items: What does President-elect Trump need to know about the Treasury Department? What is the purpose of the National Economic Council? What issues take priority on the first day, the first 100 days, and the first 200 days.
Another benefit of operating in a 24/7/365 tactical environment is you learn brevity, focus, responsiveness. The folks you are working for want clarity, pithiness, actionable insight. ZFG for your intelligence as a wordsmith that waxes eloquent.

In the M&A world, the team was put into play when the deal was taking shape, something similar to a Letter-Of-Intent was signed, and it was time to flip rocks at warp speed to determine what the pig (in the poke) looked like. Health, Potential, and ESPECIALLY Risks and Opportunities.

Spot checking inventory, financial entries, personnel files are the due-diligence side, you earn your keep on the team (and repeat invitations) by finding the nuggets that aren't written down that MATTER.

In similar fashion, this team is flipping rocks, condensing the essentials, and, most importantly, pointing out the Risks and Opportunities.

I love this:
The plan included a hiring freeze on new federal workers, with exceptions for positions in the military, public safety and public health. He promised to eliminate two regulations for every new rule created. He wants a five-year ban on lobbying for officials who leave the executive and legislative branches of government.
What's not to LOVE?

Another hit:
He plans to lift restrictions on tapping energy reserves, approve the Keystone Pipeline, and cancel billions in payments to United Nations climate-change programs.
The New York businessman has vowed to cancel President Barack Obama’s promise to protect from deportation undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children, and start deporting as many as 2 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records.
Can you say MAGA?!!

I saved the best for last .....
A sixth team, run by Ado Machida, a former domestic policy aide to then-Vice President Dick Cheney, is devoted to reviewing Mr. Obama’s executive actions, regulation reform and immigration.
The immigration team is made up of staffers with ties to Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Alabama Republican who has long called for tougher immigration laws, and includes a unit dedicated to figuring out how to build Mr. Trump’s wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
That is enough to give freedom lovers a full-scale stiffy.

Now that the Louey 14 impostor and his shrew are peaceably outbound, the eradication and remodeling can begin in earnest.

There is FAR MORE TO COME .... but this is a HELLEVUA start!


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