We are at WAR

It is simply acknowledging the existing"state of armed conflict between ... groups within a nation".

We productives, veterans, traditionalists from all walks of life have been relentless attacked for years. Because it has been a low-intensity conflict, most of us were more occupied with just living our lives, and the various skirmishes we shrugged off because we had more important things for our time and attention.

Man, I'm getting too old for this Sh!t
At various point in the last two years, millions of us woke up, which our enemies will forever regret.

Different triggers; hateful pejorative labels, flippant slanders, attempted shaming, all aimed at making us kneel, bow down to our enemies. For people who follow a God, or veterans who are trained to bear up under duress and refuse to be be broken, that was a tactical blunder of epic proportions. You pissed us off and got our attention.

When our enemies overplayed their hand, especially those moments when they let their mask slip and displayed their deep hatred of us, of our way of life, our core beliefs, calling us "deplorables", they sealed their fate. They changed the course of America.

Ironically, they sounded "General Quarters", they lit us up with fire control radar, they unleashed their artillery prematurely, they rolled through the DMZ, they were over-confident, they thought we would kneel, we would break.

I would say it differently, but as a grandparent, I strive to communicate with more elan, so I will capture that moment for each of us thus, "Awwww HELL NO!"

I cannot think of a more suicidal idea, than to attack veterans and give them time to fall back on muscle memory and defend themselves. Defend ourselves we did. Once the enemy triggered that fight/flight reflex, and we started to fight, they got our blood up, they caused us to look around, evaluate the battlespace, fire up that situational awareness,begin threat assessment, marking friendlies and enemies.

It is a visceral moment, the first time someone hits you hard in the face, fires at you, grabs you in a submission hold, strikes you in anger. Every veteran I know has experienced one or more of those things, and in that moment you know what it is want to hurt that enemy, stop them, give them more that they gave you. Plainly, through the blood, the pain, the fear, you want THEIR BLOOD. Call it barbaric, primal, inhuman, but it is the instinct wired into us to survive and defeat our enemies.

So, once we oriented ourselves, we looked around and saw fellow productives - plumbers, engineers, homemakers, executives, clerks, factory workers all taking fire because they refused to bow the knee, then the righteous anger kicked in. This was all-out war, and the enemy was giving no quarter. I'll keep the topic of #BlackFlag for another day, but it was obvious our enemy would take no prisoners, they were intent on total destruction and domination.

Those over-confident strikes may well have saved what remains as America. People in general, veterans in particular know to coordinate defense, form ad-hoc fire teams, establish a perimeter, establish communications, get logistics flowing, welcome other assisting units, accept indirect fire, and air support.

Comraderie in adversity and under fire is a amazing thing, strangers become fast friends quickly. Another gift from our enemies, they galvanized millions of "Deplorables" into ad-hoc units, caused us to setup communications nets, and brought thousands of irregulars into the mix.

Have Some Barbie!

The memes began to flow, the acolytes of KEK triggering the hordes, throwing their narrative into disarray as they discovered to their horror we laughed at their worst insults. Their tears fed us, their threats steeled us, and our lines formed, held under attack, and our counterfire was increasingly effective.

Through this, as we came to understand the ignorance and hatred of our enemy, the realization that they would not stop until we were forced to kneel, until they broke us. For many of us, you will have to literally kill us first. Push a person of character into a corner, and they will fight to the death.

Our enemy doesn't grasp their error; by waging Total War, giving no quarter, they sealed their fate. People of character don't willingly kneel, you cannot break them. Worse, you have convinced us there will be NO PEACE, our enemy is toxic to our civilization, and they must be converted or cleansed. in a word, our enemy set the terms of battle - #BlackFlag.

We are on alert, we are organized, we are committed to the campaign, and we will advance our legislative and civilizational agenda. Our enemies will resist, but for most of this, we are committed to mission completion, even if it takes generations. We have counted the cost, and we will daily rhetorically put on our body armor, rhetorically gun up, and roll outside the wire. To harm one is to harm all, so STFB Barbie, we don't forgive, we don't forget, and we do not stop.

To be clear, this should remain a rhetorical battle, of lawful activity, actions of lawfully elected governments and admittedly strong words as designed by our founders. May neither the governments or our enemies overreach, and the coming change be effected lawfully.

I would caution our enemies in grim sincerity, do not turn this into a hot war.


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