Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Ron Klain, will not calm fears" - Serious Freaking Understatement [SFU]

You can call him a partisan, but once the polling data comes out, I suspect that it will prove this observation as on point.
He supports a proposed travel ban on West African countries that the administration opposes, saying some of its arguments are “absurd.”

Murphy also said the so-called Ebola czar that the president appointed to oversee the federal response, Ron Klain, will not calm fears.

“The American people are looking for knowledge and expertise,” he told Fox News. “He has none in these fields.”
It is a tangential conversation whether we [are yet] to the point where folks should be personally afraid, but putting a PR Flak in charge of the national threat of a Level 4 Contagion sounds like something that Monty Python would do. Ah, just a moment, here we are, The Ministry of Silly Walks.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Send the National Guard to Fight - Stupid Government Ideas

Refining the level of incompetent miss-use of our military.

President Barack Obama issued an executive order on Thursday paving the way for the deployment of National Guard and Reserve forces to West Africa to help contain the Ebola outbreak there.
Under the mandate, the secretaries of defense and homeland security can order to active duty some members of the Selected Reserve and the Individual Ready Reserve mobilization.
To which, Americans are responding with:


This really does sound like something out of  SNL parody skit; send people trained and to protect their own communities to 'fight' a Level 4 Pathogen in Africa.

Monday, October 13, 2014

It takes Women 10 years to train a male

H/T to Dalrock for making me aware.

Being a recovering engineer, I can appreciate the value in metrics, so we have Team Obama with a self-provided benchmark of 10 years to train a male.

The US Military does it in 10 weeks.

It seems that Michelle and B should stick to things that they have greater competency in performing.

"Airstrikes and International Outrage" - more SMI

To illustrate the stupidity, let's play multiple choice.

From CNN :

"Despite airstrikes and international outrage against ISIS militants, the terror group is overrunning Iraqi forces and slowly marching on"

Chose which of the following BEST stops the ISIS militants:

A> airstrikes and international outrage

B> airstrikes and media disapproval

C> airstrikes and BS from politicians

D> airstrikes and direct contact from Task Force @ss-Kicker

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Criminal Investigation as Terrorist Deterrent

I'll have to come up with a new tag to classify this level of clueless-ness. Pink Panther comes to mind, but because of trademarks - pink rabbit?

Apparently the response from Team Obama to beheading folks is to open a criminal investigation. Doubtful that has deterrent value; sounds like just what these folks want - more attention.

 I suggest instead that we snatch him up at a time of our operational convenience, and show this coward pissing himself when he is grabbed. Plan B would be video of the sniper round impact. I'll take either one.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stupid Media Ideas Special - IS/IS doesn't care about your "Socal Justice" work

As the saying goes, "There is no helping stupid!". This is not about lacking intelligence, but rather about breathtakingly foolish arrogance in action. For most of human history it has been accepted that there are bad people, and if you know said people are dominant in a particular area, you don't go there. It is the kind of thing you teach your children; first by rote, and then later the reasoning behind why they were taught that simple lesson.

We now have the media up in arms because said 'bad people' have beheaded one of their own. They are "shocked, appalled, horrified,etc". Really?  It's not like folks of this ilk haven't been demonstrating for a while just how retro they are when it comes to execution. No lethal injection or firing squad for these killers, they kick it old school.

It is grieving to the soul to see a human executed to further a political/religious cause, but it is not new or different. It is arrogant to go cover events in areas of the world where these folks are active, because they have long ago demonstrated that they will behead you when it suits their purposes.

We all die, and whether it is from jumping out of a plane, jumping into freeway traffic, or going to cover these kinds of folks, you realize that you are upping the odds that it will happen sooner than later. According to his alma mater Marquette University,

" ... it was "deeply saddened" by the news of Foley's death. The Milwaukee university said he had a heart for social justice and used his talents to tell stories in the hopes they might make a difference."
Okie, but that worked out pretty much as expected. If Socal Justice is your thing, so be it, but heads-up that it will get you dead if you make this kind of choice. It is arrogantly foolish to think these clowns care a wit about your precious SJW status; you are a animal to butcher at their convenience.

So, you became a pawn in their PR plan, grieved your family, ended your life earlier than necessary, and have made other SJWs juicy targets. I suggest that other SJWs take a hard look, and determine if that is the outcome that is optimal.

To add to the foolishness, now we have neo-con clowns and some news readers calling to go Attack! NEWSFLASH this selective outrage by media types now that one of your own voluntarily bought it is transparent arrogance and hypocritical. Where is the awesome coverage of EVERY SINGLE SERVICEMEMBER who gave the last full measure? Instead we get images of pouting politicians and random counts - more so when the battle is "not approved" by the news readers. You're so "horrified"? Gun-up and let's see the Awesome International Media Brigade Against Baddies [AIM-BAD] hunt down these bad people and kill them. Can you image the logistics train required to keep these folks air-conditioned, made-up, dressed in their latest finery while they "hunt"?

For the neo-con clowns, let's retire the imperial aspirations, shall we? If you aren't willing to gun-up yourself, or send YOUR sons and daughters downrange into direct contact, STFU.

So, to recap, don't go cover bad people because they don't care about your special snowflake SJW status, don't be surprised when they behead said special SJWs, and let's focus on our own veterans and our own troubled nation.

HammerSix Sends.