"beyond the niceties..." It's Get Real Time

According to one of the sages of the National Review, the unwashed masses are clueless.

Buchanan writes that the “the populist-nationalist right” is “moving beyond the niceties of liberal democracy.” 
Around the world, there are many, many places that lack the “niceties of liberal democracy.” You don’t want to live there. You would quickly discover that the niceties are more like necessities — a rule of law necessary to live a good, decent, and free life.

I read this, and I try to be gracious. Maybe the author doesn't ever stop in one of the truck stops that span the US, or he has never gone into a feed store, or even the local mini-mart with bait and hunting licenses.

I have far more in common (politically, attire, bearing, outlook) with the truckers, ranchers, tradesmen, hunters, farmers that the white table linen crowd. In my world you nod to other men when you cross paths, you allow others to hold to their own beliefs, and you know better to snipe at another man unless you are willing to answer for your words.

Like many of those other men, I have seen the third world up close and ugly. Almost every veteran has been through at least one desperate hell-hole.

On a recent trip through the occupied zone of Los Angeles, I marvel at how it has more in common with the third world; 14 foot fences topped with razor wire, guards walking the parking lot, armored guard shacks.

Just as bad is supposed educational institutions where BadThink is aggressively prosecuted as Thought Crime.

For the vast majority of the men that I know, we have no need for such "niceties", we don't want to live there either. through much of unremarkable America, we are done with "niceties". We tried nice for the last thirty years or more, and have seen the nation of our youth corrupted, bent, perverted, slowly toxified. No more.

Nice didn't work, so now it is Hammer Time.

Most of us want a nation of individual freedom, relatively untroubled co-existence, and the freedom to live our lives without creeping corruption. If we are denied that this time, all bets are off.


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