A Better Way .... Kill People and Break Things

Based on the well documented collapse of the US University system, one of the better (less bad) options is the "Trade School" approach. I say better, because if you end up with a globalist, police-the-world CIC, you run the risk they will get you or your classmates, or your men dead.

Yes, I said Men. Like it or not, when it is time to do dangerous things, overwhelmingly, it will be the men who will bleed, be maimed, marred, or dead.

Like others, before and after me, I choose to go to a Service Academy. We held up our hands, swore an oath, and gave years of our life doing sometimes dangerous things. Along the way, I got an engineering degree, and a big dose of life. We joked that it was trade school, because our "Trade" was going to far off lands and "Killing People and Breaking Things". That was before the elitists turned the military into  AWWW (Aid Workers With Weapons).

As my own grandchildren grow, I'm not sure I recommend that path to them, I'm not even sure that the Union will remain. Point being, which is more dangerous - 6-8 years active duty service and no other debt, or $100,000s of debt that will follow you for 20-30 years?

There are no easy answers for the generations coming up, their forebears have screwed them and spent their future. So choose your poison carefully. Just don't waste your money, your breath, your time in a typical University. Just don't.


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