Passive-Aggressive Gets Men Dead

Other people say this with far more nicely formed phrases, but the cold reality is that if you are so deeply conflicted, or so over-estimate your intelligence, or in your limited insight fail to understand how committed others are, your mal-execution of state-craft is going to kill men. Vox expounds on the typical leftist tool who can't recognize what is right in front of his face.

Unintentionally, and with the best of intentions, he has opened the doors to the demons of Hell, and the darkest forces in the human spirit have much greater scope and much more power today than they did when he took the oath of office back in 2009.
Unintentionally? With the best of intentions? Is Mead talking about Obama or himself? Remember, as Mead excoriates Obama's foreign policy, that he not only voted for Obama, but voted to re-elect him. But it's not as if Obama's foreign policy was any better from 2008 to 2012 than it has been from 2012 to 2016.

Vox is valid in his perspective, but my training and experiences regularly reduce the source twaddle to the service-member loss of life and limb.

The pinkie-out scribes use words like "feckless". Ask your average enlisted man, and he will use something more useful, e.g. Ball-less Wonder, F*cking spineless .

You want to be respected among determined men? Whether you stay in your yard (OMG Isolationist!) or decide to prowl the globe, Big Dogs don't bark, they BITE. You want men around the globe to be wary of you? Bring the Hammer. Pouting, flapping your lips, giving lectures, wagging your finger, won't even slow down your average child, much less determined men who already have blood on their hands.

Once others know that you are weak, your head isn't on a swivel, you don't act, you can be bullied, you can be played, YOU WILL. The disrespect will flow faster and deeper as you fail to respond.

Now, being incompetent at state-craft is bad enough; better to remain silent that open your mouth and betray yourself a fool. My anger is the cost in human lives. You insist on using words instead of the Hammer, and people die because they know you are a coward. Benghazi is an example.

Barbaric as it is, there is a reason that armies have displayed the body parts of their enemies for millennia. I'll translate the message, "This is what happened to our enemies, step to us and you will end up the same, or worse".

If we want to more "civilized", every time we eradicate an enemy, we post a sign in the appropriate language, always starting with English, "Brought to by the USA. We neither slumber, nor rest, nor stop. We will go anywhere to kill out enemies. Raise your hand to us, and your end will be the same."

See? I didn't even use bad words.

 It is time and past time for our military to return to their homeland.

At the same time, we need a Commander-In-Chief (CIC) who is respected (and or feared) globally, so that we stop the senseless loss of life our service members and citizens.


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