Let the Rats Leave, but Mark Them Each One

Having heard for years that This election is the Most Importantest Eva! the hypocrisy of Republicans bailing on Trump is hilarious. I say let them all flee, but mark them, and never let them near you again.

If it were just the simple choice of who has enough sense to keep us out of a war in Syria, probably with Russia, I don't give a tinker's damn who say bad words. As the younger generation says, ZFG.

I'm not a Republican, so their self-destruction is their problem, but if Trump wins, as I expect he will, he will either clean house by 2018 with the help of the folks who elected him, or the Republicans will practically cease to exist.

Trump could be walking zombie, and he would be elected over Hillary. The outrage, the hatred, the growing anger about a system that has failed generations has found a vessel for that vitriol. They don't care if he howls at the moon or dresses up like a furry. ZFG.

So, The Trump should be quietly making a list of every individual who got their panties in bunch, bailed on him, and ended their political future. May the Cucks enjoy their trip out into the wilderness. Live the end of the Judas goat.


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