Why most Veterans don't give a Sh!t about the Middle-East

We veterans continue to become a smaller minority, but I have yet to find one that feels there is a decent, much less compelling reason to send anyone else to bleed or die in the Middle-East.

Cernovich pegs it, the globalists want to pick a fight.

Call it cold-hearted, selfish, or just the wisdom of having followed orders, done what could be done to bring everyone back, and the abiding sense of the incompetence of our leaders. Don't ask us to start a fight if you aren't going to allow us to finish it, and don't ask us to take ground if we aren't going to occupy and keep it.

The thought of picking a fight with Russia over dirt that means nothing to us is idiocy in the extreme. Just like we don't care about Trump's behavior or indiscretions, we don't care about other peoples' dirt. Most of bought into the "Greater Good" at some level when we were young and foolish, but no more.

I can't say what those who are in will do, but I'll guarantee you that the public is close to the breaking point over sending our troops down-range for other peoples' fights. To quote Vox, "Stop digging."

#StopDigging #SkipRussia


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