Hunting License that Shouldn't Expire

I'm going to come back and expound on this at some later date, but we should have a simple rule for the shooters that we task with finding and killing/capturing bad guys.

Simply put, if we tell them to spend treasure, and risk blood, the hunting license should never expire. Never. Once someone is on the list, they stay there. Just like every other mission a unit is assigned, they complete the mission, and guys rotate through the unit, but the mission remains.

It was BS when I was in, and it has probably been BS since the first guys picked up weapons and identified enemies - something changes politically, and magically we are supposed to forgive and forget. BS. Take that one giant step further, and make the enemy the kind of monster who kills civilians, hinds behind them, and wears no uniform. If they are bad enough for us to name them and put them on the list, they should know that we WILL NEVER STOP.

Thus, if they are a dead-ender, let's just help them along to their eternity.

We have a military controlled by politicians. That makes me wince to even write that, but I understand the relative merit of that approach versus a military junta. That said, Having the rules changing when people have bleed and died to accomplish the mission they were given is BS. Either the mission is essential or we should have never asked that of our service members. Especially for the shooters that have to close with the enemy and get the job done at close range.


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