Physical Differences Between Males and Females

Explicated in detail by the fine Deebow of BlackFive

I knew of guys at the RAG based at NAS Miramar where they pushed through the first of the females; one was Pink Sheeted twice (DOWN flights) which normally caused review and often washing out of the community. The instructors were told she WOULD PASS, no matter how many flights it took. So, she moved on, and shortly thereafter auggered in a F14 during carrier workups.

Loss of a life, an expensive aircraft, but some weasel gets to polish his crack at a star, because he was a good social 'engineering' worker. BS.

Most folks know there are important differences between the sexes, but our erstwhile 'betters' insist on silence so that they can once again demonstrate the disasterous results of grrl power. Institutional irrational ineptitude, another symptom of societal decay.


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