"The Final Solution" meets the "Gender Pay Gap"

Dalrock provides a delicious satire of how to deal with the mythical "Gender Pay Gap".

We need a national strategy.
Now that we know that marriage is the problem, how do we solve it?  Unfortunately we won’t be able to ever entirely eradicate marriage.  However, even where we can’t entirely prevent weddings we can sufficiently weaken the institution to achieve something very close to gender equality.  To do this, we will need a coordinated effort across all of our legal, social, and religious institutions.

There are definitely strong undercurrents of the Elite determining how to shape the undermensch via social control, but the concomitant question is what is a man who is(or desires to be) married to do?

The answer to that is far more difficult, as it will require us to minimize our exposure to the coming eruptions while holding the long view in mind.

For 2015 (and beyond) one reality is dawning on even the foolish; there is no neutrality. Choose who you will serve.


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