Of Marriage and Men

This is a subject I think on regularly, and will engage in 2015.

In the red-pill world, marriage is generally panned and discarded as a failed institution. For the 18-35 crowd, I understand the mindset, and see the rationale for the guideline.

Regardless of age, there are groups of men that are looking for a different perspective.

1>Men who are married and find it manageable (for now). Understandably, this is increasingly a minority, but from a civilization perspective, these men are essential to following generations. At 30+ years and running, I fall in this category. My wife is (and was) not typical of her generation, a good example being how many women would hang in there and stick with you after a business failure (or theft) that left you and your family homeless? Twice? Neither of us are saints, but we don't quit or run.

2>Men who are married and trying to make it work. The red-pill world has very little in the way of helpful words for these blokes. It often could be condensed to "Cut your loses, hide/move your assets, and prepare to be frivorced." The numbers of current culture don't lie, but I have spent most of my life playing the long-shots, and there are other men who would rather play the long-shot, than go defensive or preemptively blow up their marriage.

3>Males and men who know the risks, but want a family with children. I have noticed an increasing pattern of 40-60 y/o men marrying again with 18-22 y/o women specifically to have children. Most of them have been through the buzz-saw to some degree already, but they have gone again into the breach because the drive to have a heritage is very real for some.

So, let's acknowledge that we are talking about a sub-set of adult males, and that this is *not* everyone's cup of tea. At the same time, this is the part of the adult male audience who have the greatest probability to impact the civilization to come, and thus an important group to address.

Over the last couple of years I have followed Vox of  Alpha Gameplan and contemplated what is most productive for a 50+ writer to contribute given that I have the long view in mind.

Having spent time with my first grandson and son-in-law these last few months, it has provoked a steady stream of what would I teach those two? How to strengthen the line? How best to equip them for the sh!t storm to come?

None of us can count our seconds left on this earth, but I refuse to give up, withdraw, or play "I got mine, sucks to be you".

IF we cannot choose the time of battle, we can work to shape the battlefield to our advantage.


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