Why Veterans Don't Trust Politicians( of any party)

Without even addressing personal character or trust, no veteran who has ever been responsible for classified data is going to hold in high esteem someone who decides they can run a private email server while functioning at the highest level of government.

If we were in long enough, we all saw inquests, investigations, security inspections where individuals are treated as guilty until otherwise notified.

Which of us would ever rationally think that we could run completely outside the system, delete records purely on our personal preference, and expect no consequences?? Anyone?

So, when you read things like below, it leaves you wondering just how incompetent or sociopathic a person could be.

Clinton said she exclusively used her private e-mail account out of “convenience,” so as not to have to carry two phones. But she conceded that it “might have been smarter” to use a separate government account to conduct her State Department business.

I hear some screeching about the options, so let's lay it out.

Fun with words, shall we?


So, knowing, or should have known the levels of accountability that our government of every service member that handles controlled information from E-1 up, which is it?

We would have all faced Courts-Martial for such offense, she gets off with a very grueling 20 minute press conference?

I'm sure folks who have faced formal UCMJ procedures for handling of classified data would LOVE that punishment.

Laughable in the absurd.

The more reasonable defense would be "I'm a sociopath, I don't care what other people think, I do as I want." That is at least rationally consistent.


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