"Ron Klain, will not calm fears" - Serious Freaking Understatement [SFU]

You can call him a partisan, but once the polling data comes out, I suspect that it will prove this observation as on point.
He supports a proposed travel ban on West African countries that the administration opposes, saying some of its arguments are “absurd.”

Murphy also said the so-called Ebola czar that the president appointed to oversee the federal response, Ron Klain, will not calm fears.

“The American people are looking for knowledge and expertise,” he told Fox News. “He has none in these fields.”
It is a tangential conversation whether we [are yet] to the point where folks should be personally afraid, but putting a PR Flak in charge of the national threat of a Level 4 Contagion sounds like something that Monty Python would do. Ah, just a moment, here we are, The Ministry of Silly Walks.

It really does make you wonder if Team Obola is trying to promote satire; perhaps this is another example of not letting a crisis go to waste - jump-start their next career as the next Flying Circus.

Not everyone appreciates gallows humor, so they have their work cut out for them. That of course raises the question, "If the head clown has never had a commercial job, *CAN* he work?


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