"Airstrikes and International Outrage" - more SMI

To illustrate the stupidity, let's play multiple choice.

From CNN :

"Despite airstrikes and international outrage against ISIS militants, the terror group is overrunning Iraqi forces and slowly marching on"

Chose which of the following BEST stops the ISIS militants:

A> airstrikes and international outrage

B> airstrikes and media disapproval

C> airstrikes and BS from politicians

D> airstrikes and direct contact from Task Force @ss-Kicker

See, it really isn't that hard is it?

To be clear, I'm NOT in favor of D, but that is the only valid answer.

I'm not sure if the folks at CCN grasp that they are parodying themselves by observing that "International Outrage" isn't stopping these killers.

What the media can't bring itself to do is to accept the obvious answer, because their real problem is that Americans are tired of fighting other peoples' wars.

Most of us are more engaged on feeding our families and keeping a roof over our heads than expending thought on People A are killing People B. Again.

The only thing that airstrikes accomplish are burning through older munitions, and getting the fly-boys a new campaign ribbon. Politically, it is like adding an artificial sweetener to KoolAid; it's supposed to give us "Feel Good" without the price of combat loss.

Thing is, there is a price to be paid for "Feel Good". With artificial sweetener it is a blood sugar response just like you consumed real sugar, and with airstrikes comes real problems.


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