It takes Women 10 years to train a male

H/T to Dalrock for making me aware.

Being a recovering engineer, I can appreciate the value in metrics, so we have Team Obama with a self-provided benchmark of 10 years to train a male.

The US Military does it in 10 weeks.

It seems that Michelle and B should stick to things that they have greater competency in performing.

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the Marines take the longest at 12 weeks, and the Air Force the shortest at 6.5 weeks. Because of fraternal affection I'll leave Uncle Sam's Misguided Children alone, but the Air Force at 6.5 weeks?!? Is it that long because they have to hand out the skates first?

But for prize-winning buffoonery we have to back-track to the original post.

Making men good domestic partners isn't yet another job that should fall to their wives.

For most of civilization, societies forged males into men and measured them by their ability to Protect, Provide, Procreate, and Produce*. We now have debased the value of men and are valuing males based on their skill as "domestic partners". Better to hire maid service or buy a Roomba.

*I would choose Create over Produce, but such is the power of alliteration.


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