Stupid Media Ideas

This was such a stunning display of idiocy, I decided that I should make this a regular feature upon which I can hold forth in short bursts for my own entertainment.

"Can the US stop ISIS using airstrikes?" -CNN

Short Answer - HELL NO!

A better question, after spending far too much blood and treasure without ever committing to a viable plan for truly transforming the region (whether we should have ever tired is moot at this point) is "Why bother?"

Since we have no stomach as a nation for what it would take to actually transform the region, we should extract key equipment where we can, demolish the rest, and extract totally.

The only viable use of airpower in that context is to shield our forces and deny the enemy movement until we are clear.

The empire is dissolving as we speak, and our troops are better home.

If the Airdales were honest, they have been under-utilized in the killing and destruction department (Direct Attack) since we "wrapped" in Iraq and now A-stan, so they may want an extended air campaign to cycle crews through for live-fire training. Watch for how fast the story changes once ISIS gets anti-air capability.


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