Men versus males

This is something worthy more explication, but having a live demonstration of clueless male is just too priceless to allow it to pass without documenting it.

I responded on the fly, and should clean the list up, but it is representative enough to merit revisiting.

If you want standing among men, then contribute. Start a business, run a farm, ply a trade and bear yourself in such a fashion that you are worthy of respect - none of these requires you have a female in your life. BTW, that is a difference being an anatomical male and being a man.

Not surprisingly, that didn't get me a fist-bump from the butt-hurt poster.

Later in the interchange I pulled out some relevant examples of the male behaving in an un-manly manner. Provides a milestone on the rapid descent of the US.
You provided a live illustration of damaged adult males
<1> socially autistic - you fail to grasp that communities are formed out of affinity and establish common governance
<2> narcissistic and grasping for control - you used "control" - I stated maintain
<3> no demonstrable grasp of manhood - neither in respect for others or grasping anything beyond the dick between their legs
<4> preens on his self-proclaimed parasitic existence
 SO, the operable take-away is if you want to be part of the solution contribute to your local community, or find one where you are inclined to contribute. If you want to be a parasite, realize that men are not going to accord you much respect, and that you may eventually find yourself unwelcome.

Hammer6 out.


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